Wednesday, 19 April 2017

SKYPE TAIPEI - LA BASTIDA (report by Maria F.)

Today (Friday, March 31) we had our second skype session with Taipei.
The call was great. This time it didn't cost us as much as the first time. We didn't have to prepare as much as the first time, but we had to memorize the answers to their questions. Taipei people have also been doing the hard work for this call, not like the other school.
We were able to answer most of the questions, although they didn't answer all the questions, it was not their fault, it was for the time.
I think this time we did the same thing in front of the camera (except some). Some talked a lot and others didn't speak. But it was still a success.
The connection was a little bad, and that's why we didn't understand what they said, but the best thing is that they had a PowerPoint of the things they were saying and so it was easier to understand.
We gave them Cacaolat the typical drink from here and we sang a song by Cargol treu banya, and they also sang us a song in Chinese, that we didn't understand much, but it was very funny, and I guess they didn't understand us much either.
But overall everything was excellent, we have greatly improved our English.
And we want to keep making more video calls. And having lots of fun, and that's what matters.

Maria F. (2nd ESO student)


  1. Skyping with Taipei was cool!It's true, sometimes was hard to understand with the bad connection, but still we did ask and answer questions easier than the skyping with the other school. It was pretty fun!

  2. i like speaking with Tapei. I am the supervision and who decided the song. It was funny!

  3. skyping with taipei was very good.
    I like this because i well know a new persons and learn english better

  4. The skype session was good!!.And I like it because i was a supervisor.
    i learned that they have a different dresses for girl and a boy.

  5. The skipe session I really liked because we can with girls and guys from taipei

  6. The skype session was funny, i did like, it but, I didn't don't love it.

  7. Skype with Tapei was very cool and funny. I love it because it was very interesting and we learn a lot of this country

  8. That call by skype was very interesting, I was the one who had the posters and I put them in the camera when they told me i i tanvien I liked the clothes that the boys carry a color i the girls of another color

  9. It was okay to talk to the people in Taipei

  10. the skype session was good!!! I was a Record, I liked talking with them.

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